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Adorable Heatable Huggable Corgi Butt

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This sweet huggable corgi butt is meant to keep you warm and cozy! Pop it in the microwave and you'll have a cozy buddy that smells sweet with lavender!

RELIEVE CRAMPS AND ACHES WITH STYLE: Decorate your room with the cutest microwavable heating pad cramps, sore joints and muscles with lasting calming heat that relieves anxiety and stress. Can also be chilled in the freezer a cooling effect

LOOKING FOR CUTE GIRLFRIEND GIFTS? Don't just get her a plush pillow or stuffed animal, get her the Heatable Huggable! This cute girlfriend gift will keep her warm while you're away and remind her why she loves you

ECO-FRIENDLY & LAVENDER SCENTED: Our Huggable heating and cooling pad is filled with all natural buckwheat and dried lavender a lasting soothing smell to cuddle and relax with hours on end.

Dimensions: 12.32 x 9.85 x 1.36 in